Capitulation to the Ignorant Should Never be an Option
Chaos and insurrection in Haiti was not exclusive to 2021. The 1790s and early 1800s saw a successful slave revolt on the island, with the United States…
A Reductionist Narrative Poisons Public Perception of the Judiciary
An Analytical Essay Concerning Some of the Most Pivotal Historians, for Good or Ill, of the Past Few Centuries
Part of an Ongoing Book Review Series
The eighteenth century proved to be a deeply transformative era for North America. By the turn of the nineteenth century, direct French influence was…
First article in a series covering the manipulation and erasure of history.
Part One in a Two-Part Series
The last two decades of the twentieth century were full of populist artistic expression in literature, music, television, and film. American cultural…
Part Three in a Four-Part Series
Part Two in a Four-Part Series
Part One in a Four-Part Series