Update to Subscribers: Summer Installments, New Article at New Discourses

Greetings one and all.

There is a lot planned for regular installments from History Killers over the next few months. Subscribers should expect a new article sent to your inbox every two weeks or so through the summer. The next article will appear in two weeks and is the third installment in the ongoing History Killers series, which began almost a year ago in July 2020.

The idea for History Killers began with the first and second installments originally published at New Discourses last summer. Accordingly, I thought I would see if James Lindsay would be interested in publishing the third installment, and indeed he was. As stated, this will appear in your inbox as part of this substack in two weeks, but if you would like to read it sooner, you can read it now at New Discourses through the link posted below.

July and August will showcase a four-part article about the intellectual and legal history of the Ninth Amendment. It is a piece I am really excited for subscribers to see. In September will appear an article in two parts about the history of eugenics in the United States.

I try to keep these kinds of updates to a minimum, so that the vast majority of emails you receive from my substack are the articles themselves. With that in mind, I try to keep updates and previews such as this to only a few a year. Thank you, as always, for subscribing to History Killers. Please consider sharing the articles with friends and encourage others to sign up. Those who have signed up recently are encouraged to examine the archive. Not only will you receive articles and essays on a regular basis, but you can also read many past articles at the website.

Historical literacy is a civic duty, and the learning of history can be fun and enlightening. This is the mission of History Killers. Thank you once again for being part of it.

For those who would like to read the next article before it is sent to your inbox in a couple weeks, you can read “History Killers: ‘New Historians’ Ignore Anti-capitalist Arguments by Southern Slavers” at New Discourses at the following link:


And for those new to this substack, check out all of the older content at the History Killers archive at this link:



-James M. Masnov